R. A. Salvatore

R. A. Salvatore

Salvatore's first published novel, The Crystal Shard from TSR in 1988, became the first volume of the acclaimed Icewind Dale Trilogy. Since that time, Salvatore has published numerous novels for each of his signature multi-volume series including The Dark Elf Trilogy, Paths of Darkness, The Hunter's Blades Trilogy, and The Cleric Quintet.

A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, R.A. Salvatore, began writing shortly after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications/Media from Fitchburg State College. While working in a plastics factory and as a “bouncer” in a local night club, he penned his first manuscript for Echoes of the Fourth Magic in 1982. 

His first break came in 1987 when TSR, publisher of Dungeons & Dragons ®, offered him a contract based on a proposal for the Forgotten Realms shared-world setting. Bob’s first published novel, The Crystal Shard, was released in February of 1988 and climbed to #2 on the Waldenbooks bestseller list. By 1990 his third book, The Halfling’s Gem, had made the New York Times bestsellers list. With a contract for three more TSR books, and with his first novel and its sequel sold to Penguin, Bob remembers that “it seemed like a good time to quit my day job.”

The Bear, the newest installment in The World of Corona series is due out in August. Additionally, the final installment of ""The Stone of Tymora” series with his son, Geno Salvatore is due out in November. He is also working with 38 Studios, Llc. as Creator of Worlds. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and RPG using the world he created is due out next fall, and work on Copernicus the MMOG continues at an incredible pace.

He lives with his wife Diane and three Japanese Chins, Oliver, Artemis and Ivan and a gray tiger cat, Jilly.