Stephen P. Kelner, Jr.

Stephen P. Kelner, Jr.

Steve Kelner is a motivational psychologist, published nonfiction and fiction writer, gamer and GM, leadership assessment expert. He motivates writers based on his published research into writing, motivation, and creativity.

Steve Kelner is a research psychologist and leadership consultant with expertise in motivation, personality, competencies, leadership assessment, and adult development. His book Motivate Your Writing! (University Press of New England) is based on his unique research into the implicit motive patterns and creative styles of published writers in a host of genres, applying motivational psychology and creativity research to the writing process.

He has been a featured speaker at conferences for mystery, SF, and romance writers, is happily returning to the GenCon Writer’s Symposium, and more importantly has helped a number of writers increase their productivity. His research and discussions of motivating writing continues here:

He is published widely on topics of executive leadership and motivation, and less widely in fiction; he published a mystery set in Viking-era Iceland in the November 2016 issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. (,-LLC/Alfred-Hitchcock-Myst...)

As a gamer, he started out playing “Blue Box” D&D in 1978 and bought and used the AD&D books as they came out. He ran a number of worlds as GM, wrote a college paper on AD&D players and the use of RPGs as psychological interventions, and ultimately developed an RPG of his own as well being involved at the dawn of LARPGs in the early 80s and a columnist in the first LARPG magazine, Metagame. Of particular note was his being the lead designer of “Shakespeare’s Lost Play,” a weekend-long LARPG replayed multiple times and internationally by a variety of people over the next decade or two. To be fair, the idea was suggested by his wife, award-winning author Toni L. P. Kelner, AKA Leigh Perry, whom he met originally in an AD&D game.

Dr. Kelner lives just north of Boston with his wife, two creative daughters (an animator and a musical performer), two guinea pigs, over 10,000 books, and more than one closet’s worth of games.